Meerkat - SSC Legacy
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Meerkat is our secure online Integrated Knowledge Platform (IKP) with high level encoded security protocols.


Populating the IKP and applying analysis to the sourced information will enable you to select key intelligence that can be used to mount effective and focused operations. These operations will target employees and third party criminal elements who are involved in unethical business practices.

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Populating the IKP could cover a number of steps:

Identify sources of useful information (whether digital or analogue) that can be sourced from within the operating environment.  Such information could be incident reports, rumours, CCTV footage, suspicious activity, OB entries and other related data

We can develop an IKP with categories of information to be entered into the system designed to your requirements

You can oversee the IKP and to view information entered into the system. Using such oversight and the ability to search and extract specific information, you will be able to identify KEY INTELLIGENCE AREAS (KIA) for further investigation. Such information could be displayed in a graphical manner on a dashboard and enable you to quickly assess “danger zones” that need to be addressed immediately. This way, you will be able to prioritise taskings and develop short, medium and long term operations