Personal Safety & Security + Hijack Prevention & Survival Online Course (Free) - SSC Legacy
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Personal Safety & Security + Hijack Prevention & Survival Online Course (Free)


In this course, we’ll review some of the major risks and threats that South African face. We talk about situational awareness and the principles of survival. Specific areas of focus will be on topics like rape avoidance and survival, kidnapping and abduction, as well as vehicle hijacking avoidance and survival.


Everyone knows of someone who has been a victim of crime in South Africa. Whether the victim of a mugging, hijacking, robbery or assault, all crime adversely affects us and our loved ones.

Unfortunately, you will continue to become a statistic of crime until you take personal responsibility for your own safety and security. Relying on others in law enforcement or private security companies is not enough.

We want you to feel EMPOWERED and to learn real strategies to stay safe by the end of this course. Your participation in this course directly benefits Child Surviviors of Crime (CSOC).

This course has been written by a group of experts with 70+ years of combined experience in the security industry. They are Francois Marais, Hayley Makhanya and Howard Griffiths from SSC Training.

In this training we will look at specific risks and threats that we are faced with in the South African context, situational awareness, principles of survival and those principles in action. We will also discuss the criminal cycle and explain how you can avoid becoming a victim. Specific areas of focus will be in Rape avoidance & survival, kidnapping & abduction, as well as Vehicle hijacking avoidance and survival.

Included in this course:


  • Situational Awareness
    Do you absentmindedly sit and scroll through your phone while sitting at the robot or while walking in a public space? STOP! We need you to start being situationally aware and take note of the people in your surroundings.
  • Principles of Survival at Home, the Office and even the Mall
    We share tips on securing your home; what to do during a home invasion; where you should hide if you are trapped in a mall with a shootout in progress; and more.
  • Hijacking avoidance and critical survival techniques with demonstration.
  • Riots, Industrial Action & Looting
    The IAR says there were 137 712 workers involved in labour disputes in 2018, close to 11% more than in 2017. The number of work stoppages increased to 165 in 2018 from 132 in 2017 and according to the report this represents 25% increase in strikes from the previous year.
  • Rape Prevention
    The police recorded 42,289 rapes in 2019/20, up from 41,583 in 2018/19. This means the police recorded an average of 116 rapes each day.
  • Kidnapping
    Kidnapping cases in South Africa have climbed exponentially, according to a new report by the City Press, with gangs earning more than R1 billion in 2019 alone.
  • Identify a Police Appointment Card
    Have you ever seen a Police Appointment Card – or badge? Do you know how to recognise these?
  • Discharging a firearm
    Own a weapon? This is what you can and cannot do in South Africa.


  • Hijacking statistics
  • Most hijacked vehicles

This course can also be booked as an in-person workshop with by corporates.