About Us
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About SSC Legacy

SSC Legacy (SSC) is headquartered in Johannesburg and was established in 1962 making it one of South Africa’s oldest privately owned and managed Security and Corporate Investigations Consultancies. We have a multi-disciplinary local support network in Africa that enables us to conduct discreet investigations and comprehensive security audits in all 55 countries on the continent. SSC’s highly experienced internal staff and wide network of established legal, financial, industry contacts and contributors, offers professionally delivered, bespoke business Intelligence, investigations and Security Solutions to clients in all sectors of the emerging markets in Africa and Globally.

Howard Griffiths is the Managing Director of the Pan-African Corporate Intelligence and Investigations firm SSC Legacy, that is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. SSC Legacy was established in 1962 making it one of South Africa’s oldest investigation firms. He has extensive experience in managing security, intelligence and investigation projects for high profile clients and organisations requiring assistance in complex and often prohibitive environments on the continent of Africa.


He is a graduate of the South African Institute of Security (SAIS), the former chairman of the Gauteng Branch of the South African Security Association’s (SASA) National board, current member and former main board member of The Council of International Investigators (CII).

Howard is currently a member of:


Hayley Makhanya

Hayley Makhanya

Hayley holds a Management Assistant qualification and also obtained a Grade A from PSIRA. In 2006 she joined the company and handled workforce intelligence until 2010, where she was moved within the company to I Facts, with her main focus being on pre-employment screening.


Hayley was appointed as a secretary of Gauteng Branch of the South African Security Association (SASA) in 2006, where she sat on SASA’s National Council. In 2012 her portfolio changed and she was placed in charge of the CCTV surveillance operators, Security Officers and Independent Managers divisions as well as managing our Data Management system called Meerkat. Currently she has over 50 employees under her supervision and maintains very professional contact with her clientele.


Hayley has been involved in the security industry for over 16 years and is the first South African black woman who is qualified to use the state of the art Voice Stress Analysis system that SSC Global Investigations employs for lie detection. Hayley Makhanya is the Managing Director of SSC Equity Training and is a 26% shareholder in the company.


Edward Phillips

Edward Junior Phillips has experience in Corporate Crime Intelligence and obtained a Grade B (Security trained officer) and Private Investigations qualification through the University of South Africa  (UNISA).


With 25 years vast experience in Corporate Crime Intelligence (Undercover specialist and information analyst and client liaison) which includes the following:

  • Detailed processes of recruitment and pre-employment screening of candidates. (Criminal, credit checks and VSA integrity tests).
  • Intense selection based on the company values and the requirements of the client.
  • Intense training and practical exercises is imparted on new recruits.
  • Well planned placement of new candidates to companies requesting our services.
  • Very strict briefing and debriefing sessions are held by the handlers with the candidates on a weekly basis.
  • Professionally set out reports and well written presentations, generated by the Meerkat Data management system, which also allows our clients to give feedback on information sent to them.
  • High priority information is forwarded instantly to our clients as and when the activities takes place.
  • Monthly summary reports are sent to our clients for an annual overview of incidences

Why the Meerkat logo

Meerkats are much smarter than they look! On the outside they seem timid and unassuming, but do not be fooled, as these small creatures have big personalities with unmatched tenacity. These little mammals will do anything it takes to survive, with many hidden tactics used for survival.  Being small animals, they are seemingly the perfect prey for a snake, but no, meerkats are immune to most snake venom. Even when put in the toughest of situations, the meerkat will come out stronger. Unbelievably meerkats do not need extra water in their diets as all the moisture they need they get from the insects and grubs they eat.

SSC Legacy

Study shows that meerkats engage in wide varieties of social and asocial behaviours to solve tasks, with the help from their mob but also with a bit of independent thought. Besides being tremendously brave and extraordinarily intelligent, meerkats work as a collective, called a gang and form genuine connections and create ways of living as a group.


SSC Legacy uses these animals as our logo as they represent some of our most valued qualities and we will do anything it takes to ensure the safety of your company.


Our close-knit team functions together, as a whole, to strive through the means of trust and teamwork. Meerkats inspire us to try our very hardest, do our best, and come out with success. Our gang aspires to be as tenacious, ferocious and gregarious with our work as meerkats are.