Undercover Workforce Investigators - SSC Legacy
Undercover investigations into workplace theft, sabotage, security incidents or labour force disruptors or security loopholes. Get actionable intelligence now.
undercover agents
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Undercover Workforce Investigators

In times of an economic downturn there isn’t a day that goes by where businesses aren’t affected by theft, fraud and labour unrest.

The frequency of labour discontent and value of goods stolen will increase over time if not carefully monitored.  Getting reliable insight into exactly what your labour, contractors and security guards are up to has never been more important. Many companies only have all the traditional security measures in place. Whether you have sophisticated technology, access control and CCTV systems there is the critical missing element of intelligence or live source information from undercover workforce investigators.

Our undercover workforce investigation services allow us to become your eyes and ears at a level you would never be privy to. We are able to tap into this hugely valuable pool of information, and by doing so we are able to identify security loopholes, breaches in policy and procedure, identify syndicates and dishonest employees. This will all help determine the sources of loss within your company.  Aside from the criminal element and breaches in security, other important factors disclosed by our undercover agent would be health and safety and substance abuse matters. Our undercover workforce investigations service is an effective and efficient solution that will put the power of knowing back in your hands.

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Before being placed our undercover workforce investigators have to meet the stringent standards set out by SSC Legacy (SSC). They are highly trained, vetted and screened, and their integrity is monitored by frequent lie detection tests (Voice Stress Analysis).


Once all these criteria are met they are introduced into your workforce operating under the guise of regular employees. They will observe and report incidents to our Integrated Knowledge Platform (IKP), Meerkat. This information will assist in identifying key troublemakers, dates, times and incident descriptions.


All the information gathered will be available to you via our secured online Integrated Knowledge Platform (IKP), Meerkat. This data management reporting tool will identify which types of incidents occurred in a comprehensive but easy-to-use format. A full report is securely delivered to you on a weekly basis via email. Any high priority incidents are submitted instantly via WhatsApp for your immediate attention and action. These weekly reports enable us to formulate graphs that will clearly show trends and patterns of the various associated risks. All data is searchable by incidents, dates or names.


Simply put, our undercover agent services allow you to tap into valuable information that is not generally available to you as management. This service is a fantastic way to identify weaknesses and loopholes within your company taken advantage of by syndicates. If these policies are not ‘audited’ by using our undercover investigation services, chances are that you may not ever know where the real issues lie.

To find out more about our undercover workforce investigation services, contact Edward on +27 79 911 2800 or edward@sscinfo.co.za / Howard on +27 82 449 0317 or howard@sscinfo.co.za.

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    Edward Phillips

    Edward Junior Phillips has experience in Corporate Crime Intelligence and obtained a Grade B (Security trained officer) and Private Investigations qualification through the University of South Africa (UNISA).

    With 25 years vast experience in Corporate Crime Intelligence (Undercover specialist and information analyst and client liaison) which includes the following:

    • Detailed processes of recruitment and pre-employment screening of candidates. (Criminal, credit checks and VSA integrity tests).
    • Intense selection based on the company values and the requirements of the client.
    • Intense training and practical exercises is imparted on new recruits.
    • Well planned placement of new candidates to companies requesting our services.
    • Very strict briefing and debriefing sessions are held by the handlers with the candidates on a weekly basis.
    • Professionally set out reports and well written presentations, generated by the Meerkat Data management system, which also allows our clients to give feedback on information sent to them.
    • High priority information is forwarded instantly to our clients as and when the activities takes place.
    • Monthly summary reports are sent to our clients for an annual overview of incidences