Strike Force Protection Unit - SSC Legacy
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Strike Force Protection Unit

The SSC Legacy Strike Force Protection Unit specialises in protecting vulnerable businesses from threats of violence. We understand that security is a top priority for businesses, and our services are tailored to give you the peace of mind that your staff and property are safe. Our team of professionals will assess your property and design a tailored plan to provide the most effective protection while guaranteeing safety and security. We specialize in proactive security measures such as risk analysis and alert management, as well as more traditional approaches such as surveillance, guard duty and alarms. Our aim is to ensure your business and its staff are secure from potential risks.

Whether it be civil unrest, strike or industrial action directed at your company or near your business premises you should seriously consider the safety of your staff, assets, and property. Trying to take on this task yourself or allowing your guarding company without the assistance of those with experience and tactical know how you may find yourself reacting to a very hostile and potentially life threatening situation.


SSC’s Strike Force Protection Unit works alongside corporate South Africa to safeguard personnel, prevent property damage, ensure continuous trade and diffuse volatile situations.

Our teams are equipped with specialised training in all of the sub-components of crowd management before they are assigned to a hard squad. They are well versed in how to defuse volatile situations with minimum force and work to maintain a cordial relationship with the rioters if at all possible.


Our highly visible personnel will man your front line and act as a deterrent to any would be rioters wishing to invade your company. They are equipped with full riot gear, shields, helmets and non-lethal weapons and are well-versed in handling and diffusing threat when confronted by large or small crowds.


Covert patrol vehicles that continuously monitor crowd movement are deployed as well as the use specialized armoured vehicles that are fully equipped with a sophisticated camera systems operated from inside the vehicle are used where necessary.


Drone and video recordings are used to monitor any unrest that could later be used as evidence should any unlawful practice take place.


On certain occasions we are able to infiltrate the riot with our highly skilled undercover agents. Here we are able to get live feedback as it happens.


Should the situation require armed escorts to ensure the safety of executives or employees on or off the premises, close protection operative could be deployed?


As your strategic Strike Force Protection partner we will ensure that you are prepared. Talk to us about a detailed plan of action specifically designed around your business. Contact now for more information.

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