On & Remote Off-site Control Room Management - SSC Legacy
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On & Remote Off-site Control Room Management

Whether your business has its own on-site control room or you require the remote monitoring services from our off-site control room, we are here for you.


Well managed control rooms are a critical component to your security arsenal, ensuring that your premises are well protected at all times from vandals, vagrants, and suspicious activity. We offer 24/7 real-time Monitoring of Surveillance Cameras meaning that our video surveillance allows us to monitor critical areas continuously. Our skilled operators watch your premises in real-time, and will contact your armed reaction or guarding partner of choice to inform them of any unusual sightings. This proactive solution can deter criminal activity before it happens.

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At SSC Legacy (SSC) we place highly trained operators in your on-site control room or monitor your site from our state of the art off-site control room.


A critical component of our service offering is that we are completely independent of any other security service providers, operate impartially without influence or consideration from the people involved in an incident or situation.


Our staff have to pass an intense screening process and ongoing integrity testing.  They also undergo rigorous training that includes learning, from an industrial psychologist, about CCTV Surveillance Skills and Body Language. This high level training sets us apart from the rest. During this part of their training our operators learn improved observational skills and sharpen their ability to recognise incident risk behaviour, detect crime behaviour indicators and have an enhanced understanding of evidence collection and surveillance strategy necessary for effective CCTV service delivery.

All incidents observed by our operators are captured onto our Integrated Knowledge Platform (IKP) called Meerkat (link). Each incident report captured will include the date, time, incident location and a snap shot or video clip of the incident. This comprehensive reporting system will enable you to generate reports for specific time periods or incidents to easily identify trends in criminal activity, labour matters as well as health and safety issues. Part of our operators’ duties include generating regular camera status reports, monitoring CCTV camera coverage and identifying blind spots. When on-site they can also patrol the site to photographically document evidence of tampering or sabotage.


With a national footprint operating in all the main centres, our reputation speaks for itself. Our major retailers, manufacturing and warehousing clients have been on service with us for over 15 years. We are a proudly South African company that specializes in delivering only the best when it comes to CCTV Surveillance.

To find out more about our services including on and off-site CCTV control room management and  security audits contact Howard on +27 82 449 0317 or howard@sscinfo.co.za.

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