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Lifestyle Assessments & Audits

At SSC Legacy it is our goal to assist our clients, expose corruption and reduce fraudulent practices, whether they be external or within your company.  These lifestyle audits can be a valuable mechanism to uncover information that will either verify or allay any concerns you may have. If you have seen any red flags, it would be time to take further steps.

Warning signs of a person living beyond their means

These include the driving of luxury cars, frequent holidays and travel to expensive destinations, both locally and abroad, high value homes and expensive jewellery that appear to be out of the affordability range of subject’s income bracket. This may suggest that they are from other undeclared financial interests, such as directorships in vendor businesses, kickbacks from suppliers or other fraudulent activities. In order to identify conflicts of interest that may have resulted from people engaging in these nefarious activities, SSC would conduct Lifestyle Assessments and Audit investigations. This dive into the lifestyles of the individuals and their related parties enables us to pick up on risk indicators which could lead to the detection of corruption, fraud, and other related offences.

Lifestyle Assessments & Audits include:

To find out more about our lifestyle assessments & audit services, contact Howard on +27 82 449 0317 or

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