Undercover Agents: Do you want real insights into what’s happening within your company? - SSC Legacy
Suspecting staff of theft, sabotage, industrial action or collusion with security and delivery drivers? Find out more about our Undercover Agent Service.
undercover agents
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Undercover Agents: Do you want real insights into what’s happening within your company?

In times of an economic downturn, crime increases; staff may be tempted or pressured to get involved. The frequency and value of goods stolen will increase over time as processes and networks are refined. You may also have intentional stock and property damage, sabotage, security staff colluding with staff members, dishonest or unreliable dispatchers and drivers, industrial action and labour force disruptions, disregard of health and safety procedures, substance abuse – is your business affected by these?

You will need to gather enough information and evidence to stem the syndicate operating in all levels of your company – this is where our Undercover Agents can be of assistance.

Our undercover agent service is an effective and efficient solution that will put the power of knowing back in your hands.

Our agents are introduced into your workforce operating under the guise of regular employees. They will observe and report incidents to our Integrated Knowledge Platform (IKP), Meerkat. This information will assist in identifying key troublemakers, dates, times and incident descriptions.

All the information gathered will be available to you via our secured online Integrated Knowledge Platform (IKP) Meerkat. This data management reporting tool will identify which types of incidents occurred in a comprehensive but easy to use format. A full report is securely delivered to you on a weekly basis via email. Any high priority incidents are submitted instantly via WhatsApp for your immediate attention and action. These weekly reports enable us to formulate graphs that will clearly show trends and patterns of the various associated risks. All data is searchable by incidents, dates or names.

Simply put, our undercover agent services allow you to tap into valuable information not generally available to you as management. This service is a fantastic way to identify weaknesses and loopholes within your company taken advantage of by syndicates. If these policies are not ‘audited’ by using our undercover investigation services, chances are that you may not ever know where the real issues lie.

Find out more about our Undercover Agent Service

Contact info@sscinfo.co.za now to find out how Undercover Agents in your workforce can play an important role in stemming the tide of what affects your company’s bottom line.