Why you need undercover agents within your workforce - SSC Legacy
Undercover agents in your workforce will gather valuable info to identify culprits and log incidents in our Integrated Knowledge Platform for easy reporting. Undercover investigations into workplace theft, sabotage, security incidents or labour force disruptors or security loopholes. Get actionable intelligence now.
undercover agents
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Why you need undercover agents within your workforce

It doesn’t matter how many cameras or guards you have, if you aren’t getting intelligence from within your workforce, you are most definitely in the dark about criminal activity that could be costing you.

Undercover agents are known by many different terms:  impimpi, mole, spy or even sleuth. We know they are more than that…

The people we trust to keep premises and stock safe are often poorly paid, work long hours and don’t feel much loyalty towards their employer. They are susceptible to bribery and become the first line of attack for criminals.

We provide trained undercover agents who will seamlessly blend in with your workforce demographic. They will establish a rapport with their colleagues. They will observe suspicious behaviour and criminal activities to report on Meerkat, our in-house data intelligence reporting tool.

Our undercover agents are recruited and trained before being placed within your company. They will They will perform the job within your company that they were hired for – to blend in as a normal employee, while gathering intelligence.

The undercover agents are debriefed on a weekly basis and log activities on a daily basis. This ensures that we get the most accurate information that is then presented to you in report format on a regular basis. We report on six different areas of your business: criminal matters, labour matters, substance abuse, company matters, security matters and health and safety. All reports are stored on our Meerkat online data facility for ease of reference. Meerkat allows you to follow trends and patterns within the submitted information, and to easily search for specific incidences. Meerkat helps you to get the most out of the information that has been gathered.

The majority of clients who make use of our undercover services are in industries which employ large workforces, such as the hotel, catering, retail, manufacturing and transport industries.

Every business with a large workforce should make provision for intelligence-gathering as part of their security operations.

Contact info@sscinfo.co.za now to find out how Undercover Agents in your workforce can play an important role in stemming the tide of what affects your company’s bottom line.