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Social media Investigation


COST: R17,250/ppn + VAT = R19,837.50


This fast-paced five-day comprehensive training course is specifically designed for forensic investigators who want to know how to conduct safe and effective online discovery. It is a proven and practical course that will take you from zero experience in gathering intelligence on the Dark Web, Internet, and Social Media Web to becoming a proficient and active Deep Web-OSINTSOCMINT forensic investigator who understands the terminology, pitfalls and complexity of Internet-based intelligence gathering.

Presenting advanced search techniques for the Dark Web.  This course will introduce anonymity tools to ensure privacy and security – the same tools criminals use to conceal their identity, location and illegal behaviour. You will learn how to efficiently navigate the dark web to utilise it as an investigative professional. You will learn how to quickly discover key relevant information, generate timely and actionable intelligence, and capture and authenticate essential relevant data in your investigations.

Presenting advanced, safe, and anonymous search techniques for the Dark Web, SOCMINT and OSINT, this course will provide attendees with the skills, expertise and competence to identify and track down criminals and criminal activity on the Dark Web, Internet, and Social Media. Participants will also learn how to capture, preserve, and authenticate court-admissible evidence in their investigations. By the end of this course, forensic investigators will have the knowledge and expertise to conduct deep and comprehensive online investigations efficiently and effectively and gather court-admissible evidence.

No technical background is required, but interest and some experience in this field would be advantageous.


At the farthest corner of the online world lies the hidden recesses of the Dark Web and its Darknet marketplaces. The Dark Web may be accessed for both legitimate purposes and to conceal criminal or other malicious activities.

Day one of this fast-paced, comprehensive 5-day course will teach you how to access the Dark Web safely and anonymously, navigate within the many layers of the Dark Web to discover hidden Wiki’s and dig through Dark Web search engines. Course participants will learn how to create and use a life-like persona that would withstand scrutiny.

Attendees will also learn how to interlink multiple personas that would endure a performed link analysis and other investigative methods. Golden nuggets of investigative intelligence can be found within Dark Web forums and chat rooms.

By the end of the first day of this programme, participants will know the importance and impact of chat room related criminal activity, auctions, locations, transactions, and etiquette.


The second day of this fast-paced, comprehensive five-day training programme builds upon what was learnt in day one. On day two we examine the various Darknet marketplace models and niches, cryptocurrencies used on the Darknet, Darknet takedown markets, and key Darknet vendors.

Attendees will learn how buyers and sellers on the Darknet transact business under the cloak of anonymity. Class participants will learn how to create a vendor account, list, and publish products, services, and data.

By the end of day two, the attendees will know how to safely dig deep into the Dark Web and understand the criminal offences and forensic investigative techniques associated with the Dark Web.


While social media is often used as a quick and easy way to update family and friends on recent activities and share photos, oddly enough the practice of documenting one’s crimes through social media is on the rise. Through social media and open-source resources criminals, or their friends, have willingly or unknowingly exposed their nefarious actions online. It is not unusual for a case to be won or lost by a single Tweet or Facebook post.

Day three of this comprehensive 5-day course will provide participants with the most upto-day techniques to navigate and monitor a variety of Social Media platforms as well as dig through Reddit, content metadata and photographs for actionable intelligence.

Attendees will learn legal processes such as subpoenas and search warrants. Additionally, participants will learn how to create and use custom search queries to identify a substantially larger amount of information compared to what can be found with traditional searches providing an advantage to the investigator.


The fourth day of this comprehensive five-day OSINT and SOCMINT training programme for forensic investigators builds further upon what was learnt in the previous three days.

On day four we examine Social Media and Open-Source Resources such as Search Engines, Videos, People Searches, Marine Searches, Email, Forums, Maps, Domains, Documents, Business Information, and Dating Sites.

Participants will learn how to capture, preserve, and authenticate the information and court-admissible evidence they gather in their investigative OSINT and SOCMINT research.

By the end of the fourth day, attendees will be proficient in Dark Web, OSINT and SOCMINT techniques and methods required to effectively and efficiently dig through the Dark Web, Open-source and Social Media data in their investigative intelligence gathering.


On the fifth and final day of this comprehensive training programme, attendees will get further hands-on, practical, investigative OSINT and SOCMINT experience within the Dark Web, Internet, and Social Media.

Class participants will use everything they learned in the previous four days as they work on their own case or a sample case provided by the Instructor.

Maximum retention of what was learned during the programme will be achieved through immediate active application of the techniques and methods presented in the training curriculum.