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Replace polygraphing with Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) - Private Investigator South Africa
Voice Stress Analysis, VSA
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Investigative services adapt to Covid-19 threat: Voice Stress Analysis (VSA)

It was business as usual until Covid-19

The Coronavirus or Covid-19 is a highly infectious virus – and criminals are taking advantage: they are refusing polygraph testing citing possible contamination of equipment; interviews are halted citing Coronavirus symptoms; new scams arise.

Ways in which we’ve done business had to be revised: Employees can no longer be breathalysed and now arrives to work under the influence; the police can no longer administer breathalyser tests but have to refer suspected drunk drivers for blood tests; large events had to be cancelled; staff working from home or a reduced staff complement…

Replace polygraphing with Voice Stress Analysis (VSA)

At SSC Global Investigations we provide integrity testing services that use the same methods we use to screen our own agents. This service has been available to corporate South Africa for a number of years.

Voice Stress Analysis measures the flexibility of a subject’s vocal chords. When a person is put under stress, they will enter into a fight, flight or freeze mode which causes their throat muscles to tighten. This has an effect on their vocal chords.

  • An unlimited number of questions can be asked that range in subject.
  • Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) does not require the subject to be fitted with any physical attachments. It is more hygienic.
  • It is a newer technology than polygraph testing.
  • The only countermeasure available to a subject is silence.
  • The use of alcohol or drugs and health issues will not impact the results.
  • Subjects are free to move around and feel less intimidated during a VSA.

It has to be noted that the results of a Voice Stress Analysis can only be used as supporting evidence in the dismissal of staff. All labour laws still need to be followed in a dismissal process.

Why use voice stress analysis?

  • Voice stress analysis has several advantages over the original polygraph method and is currently used as a truth verification method in over 40 countries
  • No discomfort from attachments to the bodies
  • Reactions are instantaneous, so the normal questioning speed can be used
  • The subject is not limited to yes or no answers
  • Voices are complex instruments that express a multifaceted range of emotional and cognitive states of mind
  • Voices can be gathered and analysed over the phone, through recordings or from face-to-face interviews
  • Our investigators use highly advanced computerized software in the analysis of the speech flow and can distinguish between nonverbal emotional, cognitive and stressful elements within the voice to achieve a high level of testing accuracy
  • Our technology enables our investigator to pinpoint the cause of stress and know whether it is caused by a lie, excitement, an exaggeration or cognitive conflict

Voice stress analysis is a highly effective tool when dealing with the following issues

  • Detection of deception, theft or fraud
  • Analysis of recorded interviews
  • Pre-employment and periodic screening
  • Specific incident testing
  • Infidelity
  • Security clearances
  • Employee/company vetting

To find out more about our Integrity & Lie Detection Testing services contact Howard on +27 82 449 0317 or