Investigations on the Continent of Africa & Beyond - SSC Legacy
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Investigations on the Continent of Africa & Beyond

Africa as a continent has the potential to become “the world’s next great manufacturing centre” and companies around the world are taking notice of its potential. Its immense mineral wealth, untapped natural resources, young population that is fast-growing and increasingly urbanised, as well as its rapid adoption of technology and hunger for innovation makes it even more attractive.

However, Africa’s business environment is complex and plagued by acts of terror, corruption, political instability and devastating natural disasters. And before doing business in Africa, companies have to be aware of theses pitfalls with actionable and timely intelligence.

At SSC Global Investigations we have a multi-disciplinary local support network in Africa that enables us to conduct discreet investigations in all 55 countries on the continent; which aids in establishing and corroborating sources of information; all whilst being compliant with legal or statutory restraints applicable in that country to successfully complete investigations about any company or individual.

Our investigative services include due diligence investigations, enquiries into politically exposed individuals, criminal and civil investigations, citizenship by investment screening, corruption investigations, forensic accounting investigations, asset identification and more. Our skills set covers every aspect of the investigative spectrum.

We are members of the Council of International Investigators, the World Association of Detectives and Intellnet and have direct access to a network with more than 400 like-minded professionals on 6 continents and over 70 countries.

Get actionable and timely intelligence about any company or individual, anywhere in Africa with SSC Global Investigations. Contact now