The difficulty of conducting investigations on the continent of Africa
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Investigations in Africa

The difficulty of conducting investigations on the continent of Africa

The continent of Africa is rich in resources and companies are investing billions of dollars into bringing prosperity it. In addition to being one of the fastest growing markets on a continent where technological development lags decades behind other markets, technological advances offer opportunities for business growth through lower costs, better distribution methods and connection with international markets.

Our team of field experts and researchers provide our clients with the most up-to-date and accurate information available on African markets, political climates and security issues. We help companies to make informed decisions, avoid costly mistakes and take advantage of market opportunities by providing them with strategic intelligence on the African continent’s key business environments.

Get actionable and timely intelligence about any individual or company, anywhere in Africa with us. Contact or call +27 11 786 8556 to learn more!

SSC Legacy specializes in Security, Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance with efficient analytical investigators providing a complete 360-degree investigation service. SSC Legacy is one of the oldest private investigation firms in South Africa, having been founded more in 1962. SSC provides a wide range of professional security and investigations services to an equally diverse client base. We are equipped to deal effectively with investigations on the continent at large and to provide assistance to our clients wherever they may be located around the globe.