Businesses on High Alert as Criminals Use Tricky Tactic - SSC Legacy
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Businesses on High Alert as Criminals Use Tricky Tactic

In recent weeks, local businesses have been warned to be on high alert as criminals have been approaching premises under the guise of asking for water. They present a bottle that is too large to pass through the fence or be thrown over it, and then ask for the gate to be opened to allow them access. Once the gate is open, they attack the security guard and a vehicle approaches to aid in the robbery.

This tactic is being used to distract security guards, lure them away from the guardhouse and panic buttons/phones, and then rob the business. SSC Legacy has advised business owners to inform their staff of this tactic and to remain vigilant at all times.

“We have received several reports of this type of crime happening in the area, and we are urging business owners to be vigilant and to inform their staff of this tactic” said Howard Griffiths from SSC Legacy. “We are also encouraging them to report any suspicious behaviour to their security companies and police immediately”

“We want to remind business owners that the safety of staff and property is our top priority,” said Griffiths, the company’s Managing Director. “We specialise in identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses in a business’s security, and we are here to help them protect their businesses from these types of crimes.”

The company advises businesses to take steps such as revising existing security measures, installing CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and to ensure that their security personnel are well-trained in how to handle these types of situations.

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