SSC Legacy Launches Strike Preparedness Assessments for South African Businesses - SSC Legacy
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Strike Force Protection during industrial action

SSC Legacy Launches Strike Preparedness Assessments for South African Businesses

SSC Legacy, a leading security solutions provider, is excited to announce the launch of its Strike Preparedness Assessments, which includes a 20 points to consider during strike preparedness meetings.

As the prevalence of industrial action and civil unrest continues to rise in South Africa, businesses need to be prepared to protect their personnel and property. SSC Legacy’s Strike Preparedness Assessments cover a wide range of factors to evaluate a business’s risk of strike-related threats. These include the demarcation of picketing areas, roles of responsibility for management teams, strike protection personnel (numbers), equipment requirements, and contact details of essential services, among others.

Howard Griffiths, Managing Director of SSC Legacy, said, “We understand the importance of being prepared for potential threats to your business. Our Strike Preparedness Assessments are designed to assist businesses in protecting their staff and assets in the event of strikes or other forms of unrest. Additionally, we provide 20 points to consider during strike preparedness meetings to help businesses navigate the planning process.”

  1. Risk assessment and management plan creation
  2. Designation of strike response team and chain of command
  3. Development of contingency plans for critical business functions
  4. Analysis of facility vulnerabilities and necessary security upgrades
  5. Communication plan for employees, management, and stakeholders
  6. Development of emergency response procedures and protocols
  7. Identification of key stakeholders and partnerships for support
  8. Provision of necessary training for strike response team and employees
  9. Use of non-lethal force strategies and equipment
  10. Contingency plans for employees who are unable to get to work
  11. Provision of safe zones for employees and clients
  12. Evaluation and upgrade of security systems, including CCTV cameras
  13. Fire safety and prevention strategies
  14. Maintenance and inspection of facility infrastructure and equipment
  15. Access control and perimeter security measures
  16. Early warning systems and monitoring for strike activity
  17. Coordination with law enforcement and emergency services
  18. Budgetary allocation and planning for strike-related expenses
  19. Consideration of alternate transportation methods for employees
  20. Establishment of protocols for managing a temporary state of emergency

“Our Strike Preparedness Programme and Strike Force Protection Unit are designed to help companies protect their employees, assets, and reputation during times of civil unrest,” said Howard Griffiths, Managing Director of SSC Legacy. “We understand that security is a top priority for businesses, and our services are tailored to give them the peace of mind that their staff and property are safe.”

The Strike Force Protection Unit works alongside corporate South Africa to safeguard personnel, prevent property damage, ensure continuous trade and diffuse volatile situations. Contact SSC Legacy for more information: +27 82 449 0317 or +27 83 679 3538

  • The Strike Force teams are equipped with specialised training in all of the sub-components of crowd management.
  • They are well versed in how to defuse volatile situations with minimum force where possible.

SSC Legacy is committed to providing its clients with the peace of mind they need to focus on running their business, knowing that they are prepared for any potential threats. The company’s team of experts designs a tailored plan for each client, providing effective protection while ensuring safety and security.

About SSC Legacy:

SSC Legacy is a leading investigations and security services company specialising in protecting vulnerable businesses and events from threats of violence. The company offers a wide range of security services, including risk assessment, Strike Force Protection Unit, surveillance, security management and more.